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I wish you would've told me,
instead of having to find out from your friend.
You know how that feels?
It hurts more finding out from him than you.
Why couldn't you've told me that?
but most of all, why couldn't you've talked to me first instead of ending it?
Unless you also lost feelings for me somewhere.
Did your love for me die anyway? How sad.
Im sorry I wasn't good enough for you.
I liked to believe that I was.
I still miss you...and I probably always will.
Somewhere deep inside of me, Ill always still want to be with you.
Even though you totally destroyed me.
You killed my trust of people,
and you broke my heart.
But the thing is...I won't give up.
Not yet anyway.
I thought you were my soul mate, but I guess I was mistaen.
So he must still be out there.
You were my soul mate.
And I missed up. just made a mistake.
Mhhhmm. Not my best.
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March 26, 2009
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